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What do you think about the conditions of detention in UAE prisons ?

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عبيد الزعابي

Geneva, February 24, 2016

Much time has passed since the arrest and arbitrary detention in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of the human rights activist, Obaid Yousef Al Zaabi on 23 June 2014. Until now, this prisoner of conscience is still subject to arrest, despite a verdict of innocence of the UAE Federal Supreme Court on May 2014. In fact, he was acquitted of all charges, however, the UAE authorities continue to arbitrarily detain him and he has not been told the reason why he has not been freed yet.

We recall that Obaid Yousef Al Zaabi is the brother of the former judge, Dr Ahmed Al-Zaabi. Yousef was arrested on July 2013, then rearrested on December 12, 2013 after his CNN interview, and was prosecuted on several charges based on his Twitter posts about the trial of the “UAE 94”.

Despite passing on trial on May 26, 2014 and a verdict of acquittal, Security forces still detain him, without clear justification and he was not released despite the passage of nearly two years since the verdict. So, there is no relevant legal basis for depriving him of his liberty.

The ICJHR denounces and condemns this continuous arbitrary detention of Obaid Yousef Al Zaabi and urges the UAE authorities to:

  1. Immediately and unconditionally release Obaid Yousef Al Zaabi, because he was acquitted of all charges against him and to take this opportunity to also release all those imprisoned solely for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of expression and association
  2. Recognize that keeping Mr. Al Zaabi in detention after acquittal by the Federal Supreme Court is unlawful under international conventions and treaties and their own legislation
  3. Ensure that Mr. Al Zaabi has immediate access to his family and relatives and a lawyer, and that he receives any medical attention he may require
  4. Take measures to end arbitrary detentions in the UAE in order to comply with the Article 26 of the UAE Constitution, the Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of human rights, the Article 9(1) of International Covenant on civil and political rights, and the article 14(1) of the Arab charter on human rights
  5. Respect the internationally recognized rights and freedoms of their citizens andall their international commitments and obligations especially those made during the session of Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review in 2013

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