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Geneva, 14 March 2016

The UAE Security Authorities revoked the citizenship of two daughters and son of the prisoner of conscious, Mohammed Abdulraziq Al-siddiq, who was spending 10 years imprisonment, in the notorious case widely known as the UAE 94 case. Mr. Al-siddiq's citizenship was also revoked back in 2012.

Asma (29 years old), Doa'a (25 years old) and Omar (23 years old) Al-Siddiq were called on the 7th of March 2016 to report to the migration Department in Sharjah, and were asked to bring all of their official documents with them (citizenship book, Passport, ID, medical card and driver license). They were worried when they were told so, but the police officers convinced them that this was no harm. They asked them to bring these documents for their own benefit and interest, so they brought the documents with them (first they met the officers without all the documents but they went back home and brought the rest).

When they brought the documents, the officer told them that there was a Decree to revoke their citizenship, that they were not citizens anymore and that they should look for a new nationality. They asked the officer to give them a copy of the Decree, but this one refused. He said that he was not allowed to do so, as they are executive entity only, and there are more people in the Decree as well.

They were left with no identity to prove who they were. They were stateless, and were since long time now on travel ban as well. This action is especially harder for Asma, who now may not be able to visit neither her husband nor her father, as they are both detained in the same case. Her husband Radhwan Al omran was spending 7 years imprisonment term in UAE94 case. He was arrested on 16 July 2012, and sentenced to seven years in prison on 2nd July 2013, on charges of belonging to a "secret organization".

Asma Al-siddiq was a courageous woman human rights defender who was very active on Twitter in defending her detained husband, father and others. Her sister Doa’a and her brother Omar used to be also active online but they all stopped their activities for a long time.

The International Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ICJHR) strongly condemns this action which creates statelessness situations and reminds that the Article 15 of Universal Declaration of human rights explicitly states that “Everyone has the right to a nationality”, and that “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality”. Moreover, the article 29 of the Arab Charter on human rights also stipulates, “No citizen shall be arbitrarily denied of his original nationality, nor denied his right to acquire another nationality without legal basis.” So therefore, the ICJHR urgently asks the UAE authorities to:

  1. Immediately and unconditionally return the citizenship they lawfully carry to Asma, Doa'a, and Omar Al-Siddiq and those whom citizenship was previously revoked, like their father
  2. Not violating the article 8 (2) of their own constitution whose content underlines that “No citizen of the Union may be deprived of his nationality nor may his nationality be withdrawn save in exceptional circumstances which shall be defined by Law” as well as the articles 14-18 of the Federal Law No (17) for 1972 Concerning Nationality, Passports and Amendments thereof, about the loss, termination, withdrawal and restoration of nationality
  3. Stop in such actions that greatly undermine and disrespect basic human rights, as enshrined, in the Universal Declaration on human rights, and the Arab Charter on human rights
  4. Respect the internationally recognized rights and freedoms of their citizens and their international commitments and obligations especially those made during the session of Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review in 2013
  5. To ratify both the Convention on the reduction of statelessness and the Convention relating to the status of stateless persons
  6. Ratify the International Covenant on civil and political rights as well as the International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights

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