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26 03 2019

Geneva, on March 26, 2019


The International Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ICJHR) was informed that the authorities of the United Arab Emirates have decided to suspend the payments of the retirement pensions to the retirees detained at Al-Razeen prison.


The authorities asked them to provide valid passports to keep receiving their monthly pensions, but many of them are holding expired identity documents. However, despite the renewal applications made by the family, the Emirati administration have systematically refused to renew the passports. It seems clear that they are thereby intentionally impeding the families’ efforts to recover the retirement pension.


This arbitrary measure doesn’t only impact the detainees but also affects their the families, which will be deprived of a fixed income that covers their needs and guarantee them a decent standard of living. For many of these families, their detained husband, father or brother was the only breadwinner, and this decision leaves them without income.


The detainees’ wives are also facing multiple obstacles preventing them from obtaining administrative documents for them and their children. They were not allowed either to renew their own identity documents. The authorities continue to intimidate and harass them, refuse to issue birth certificates for their children and have constantly threatened them to revoke their nationality.


The Committee on the Rights of the Child expressed concerns about the situation of inmates’ children detained within the case of the UAE 94. The Committee outlined that such practices have a direct impact on children’s fundamental rights to have identity documents, to education, freedom of movement and to contact their detained fathers.

The International Centre for Justice and  Human Rights, therefore, calls upon the authorities of the UAE to:


  • Review their decision to suspend the payments of retirement pensions to inmates and their families.


  • Allow the families to renew their passports and those of their imprisoned relatives without hindering the proceedings.


  • Ratify all international conventions to which the UAE committed to accede, including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

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